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Lili Dujourie

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communiqué de presse

Lili Dujourie is represented by :

in Brussels : Erna Hécey - www.ernahecey.com/

in Paris : Nelson-Freeman - www.galerienelsonfreeman.com/

Born 1941 in Roselare, Belgium Lives and works in Lovendegem near Gent

Lili Dujourie has been working with clay for the past two years, discretely, regularly, with a unique principal that she has developed. There is, one must also understand, from the beginnings of this creative undertaking, something unusual that only appears from the truth of examination. A solitary artist living in Belgium near Gent, the town of the legendary lamb, Lili Dujourie treats clay from within the memory of her own flesh, of earth modelled by her hands, working the clay with her fingers, her palms and wrists; not as simple tools but as subjects of investigration themselves, exploring sensations through the contact of her hands, a real act of faith between art and life for an intimate and profound meaning. With this pratice with this complex and demanding practice, this art is part of a filiation, of Giacometti, Tarkovski, Marisa Mertz or Juan Munoz. A wok that guides, as much as it invites, inward reflection, on tha basis of universal creation.

The personal exhibition of Lili Dujourie presented at the Creux de l’enfer for this summer 2008, brings together two series of works, of this internationally renowned, but discrete artist: a series of extremely fine protraits made in steel wire, and a very recent serie of works in baked clay. Evoking vegetation and bones, they are placed on wall shelves and low lying austere metallic tables.

NB: Having taken part in Dokumenta, Kassel 2007; this recent work of Lili will also be presented at the Korea Biennale this year.

FB 2008 tr MH

Sonate: 63 x 79 x 37 cm, 2007

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